Rabu, 21 Juli 2010

Sky Sailing 'An Airplane Carried Me To Bed' Album Review

Sky Sailing is Adam Young of Owl City's new yet old side project. The songs were recorded before the creation of Owl City. They're a more stripped down version of what Young can do without all the fancy electronic and sonic sounding enhancements of Owl City. The album An Airplane Carried Me To Bedflows with dreamlike lyrics and floats on the melodic sounds of acoustic guitar and piano. I almost want to say that Young has created his own genre of music and it would be called Dream Pop (sounds like a yummy flavored popsicle). 
Never expecting these early recordings to see the light of day, Young is excited to share these songs with you on July 27th. The album floats on an air of effortless melodies which are enveloped by the soft effervescence of the clouds that have been infiltrated with a moonlit infusion of  vocals by Young. His lyrics create word paintings of surreal images that are almost tangible through sound. The new album is 11 songs of a whimsical and pleasant listening experience and definitely one that can be listened to the whole way through.

Track listing:
1. Captains of the Sea
2. Brielle
3. Steady As She Goes
4. Explorers
5. A Little Opera Goes A Long Way
6. Tennis Elbow
7. Blue and Red
8. Alaska
9. I Live Alone
10. Take Me Somewhere Nice
11. Sailboats

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