Sabtu, 17 April 2010

Song of the day: "Math" by Demander

Demander In The Press:

Future Brite could easily be popular on alternative radio, should the fickle winds of youth-culture popularity blow its way.” - Wired

“Like The Breeders if they’d owned more metal records or Sleater-Kinney if they weren’t granolas from Portland, New York band Demander have been steadily building buzz in Gotham with a gnarled brew of rock, metal, and punk and a touring hot streak.” - RCRD LBL

“The three members of Demander [are] perhaps New York City’s most boisterous, witty and good-natured group… [They’re] a band devoid of an obvious scene affiliation. This is due primarily to their dizzyingly addictive sound.” - CMJ New Music Monthly

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