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Interview with Jimmy Herring from Widespread Panic

I just interviewed the guitar player; Jimmy Herring from Widespread Panic and my article had a limit of 600 words so I thought I would share the other questions which won't be included in the Real Detroit Weekly interview that I did.

Out of all the festivals that you’ve played, what has been some of your favorites and what was it about them that stood out in your mind?

It’s hard to say, every gig is a gift to get a chance to play music. I guess there are some I like better than others, personally I like indoor shows better because they seem a little more focused. But festivals there’s so many good ones I couldn’t say cause I’m sure I’d be forgetting one. You know Bonaroo is always cool, it’s huge and it’s close to home, those two things make it kind of cool. The one we did in Michigan, it was a big deal I’m forgetting the name you’d probably know it if I said it.


Yeah, that was the one!

What are you currently listening to?

The last thing that I listened to was Nirvana and that’s strange for me because I’m into blues and jazz. And it’s mostly old dead guys that I listen to and it’s a great place to get inspiration. We learned a Nirvana song for Halloween and I was so impressed with the guy’s method of song writing. My daughter used to listen to Nirvana and she would tell me you really need to check out Nirvana they have great songs and they’re really good. And I really didn’t get it, and she got me listening to a few of their tunes and I never learned any of them and I was like God that is a good tune. Kurt Cobain was a brilliant writer. And we learned that one tune and I’m trying to get the band to learn two more. That was a special Halloween thing we probably won’t do it again, maybe next Halloween. Also been listening to The Who a lot, been listening to Quadrophenia a lot, it’s a part of my past and I used to listen to it all the time while I was growing up but I never actually learned any of it. So I started to get fascinated with Pete Townsend again and broke out Quadrophenia and after shows have been starting to learn patches of the record, it’s incredible the chord structures that Pete puts together.

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