Kamis, 27 Agustus 2009

To be? Or not to be?

Thoughts on being rich or poor. Would I rather be rich or poor? Well since I have never been rich I don't have the disposition of knowing what it's like. However I've seen what being rich can do to people and the monsters that they can turn into. They become hungry for more money and power and it becomes a never-ending and un-fulfilling quest. I don't want to be poor, but I would like to be financially comfortable where money is not the cause of stress. I don't find contentedness in monetary and material things. I find it in people, music, writing, reading, nature, and love. Money will never answer all of the world's problems. It is more of a cause for problems than an answer. Although I also can't say that money does not solve some problems. It can definitely help if you put the right forces behind it, people who choose to do good with what they have, those who are selfless enough to give. But it seems like most often humans and their nature take a turn towards the dark side... Ah yes lovely and depressing!

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